DIY Upcycle Furniture

Our Market Vendor, Susan Clapp, is going to walk us through how she upcycles furniture, most recently she did this Ethan Allen Hutch:

“I always start the process of repurposing a piece by cleaning it inside and out.  I vacuum and clean the piece with soap and water (sometimes a stronger cleaner is needed). I remove all the hardware and clean it as well. I either strip the piece with citrus orange or I start the sanding process.”

“I will sand the piece starting with 80-120 grit sandpaper and work my way up finishing with 220 grit. I will prime the piece with two coats of primer and start the painting process, lightly sanding and wiping it down in between each coat.”

“I like many different types of painting products, mixed mediums, and sealants.  I usually apply two to three coats of paint, always sanding lightly with a fine sanding pad and wiping down in between each coat.  I will finish with the same process for sealing.”

“I like to allow 12 to 24 hours of drying time for primer, paint and sealer in between each coat applied. When finished, I put on the finishing touches and it’s ready to go.” -Susan.


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