Deconstruction Program

Planning a remodeling project? Let us work with you and your contractor to help with deconstruction of your quality materials. We’ve partnered with Johnson Deconstruct, a locally recognized and insured company, to offer efficient service and experienced personnel to complete your job on time. Your donated items will then be sold at Omaha’s Habitat ReStore with the proceeds going to build more Habitat homes in our community.


  • It’s environmentally responsible. We divert tons of usable material from our local landfill, and reduce the overall footprint of businesses in our community.
  • It helps people in need. Proceeds from the sale of donated materials support the mission of Habitat for Humanity of Omaha to help build a stronger community.
  • It makes sense financially. Your donated materials may be tax deductible.

How It Works

  • Our experienced and insured partner, Johnson Deconstruct, works with you and your contractor to remove salvageable materials from your property.
  • Materials go to Omaha’s Habitat ReStore to help build affordable homes in the Omaha area.

For more information or to find out if your project qualifies, please contact us at (402) 884-6976.

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