Join Us in Zero Waste Efforts - Omaha Habitat ReStore

In addition to recycling broken & unsellable materials like metal & cardboard, we are now working on recycling all plastics! With the help of the Omaha Hefty Orange EnergyBag Program, recycling plastics efforts are improving & we are on our way to zero waste!


Many of the changes we are making at the ReStore can be made in your home or business as well; partner with us as we conintue to steward our earth & save the landfill.

make it reusable

At the ReStore, we are converting over to biodegradable cutlery & dishware rather than plastic which is a great first step. These biodegradable materials are made out of natural materials like potato & cornstarch that can easily break down in landfills. Using reusable dishware that can be placed in the dishwasher or washed by hand is a great way to decrease waste altogether. Just taking your work lunch in a reusable tupperware can make a big differnece!

be educated

Education is really the key when it comes to zero waste. Habitat for Humanity has assembled ‘The Green Team’ as a company wide effort to educate staff/employees & begin using the energy bag program at their own homes! Programs like the Hefty EnergyBag initiative rely heavily on word of mouth. We will proudly be able to educate others & help guide them in the right direction for their recycling efforts.

Here is your chance to learn more too || Hefty EnergyBag Program

plastic facts

Just knowing the facts can lead to recycling change. Each year 300 million tons of plastic are entering our environment, 8 million tons of that plastic being dumped into our oceans. The crazy part is that most are single-use use plastics like straws, grocery bags & plastic bottles.

Without clear laws & one nation to govern the ocean, these numbers will continue to increase. It is our duty as citizens of this world to be a passionate part of the solution.

our efforts

The Nebraska Recycling Council awards one “Green Team” every year for their recycling efforts. This year Habitat for Humanity Omaha received this honor & as a team, we have been working diligently to partner with local recycling efforts & the Hefty Energy Bag Program to help keep plastic out of our landfills.

Learn more

Join us in our efforts! Here are some helpful links that can guide you in adding Hefty EnergyBag Program to your existing recycling routine.

Special thank you to our guest blogger Jackie Knobbe. Her green efforts are already making an impact in our ReStores & we look forward to discovering more ways to steward our world. 

Jackie Knobbe || ReStore Donations Supervisor & Habitat Green Team Member