5 Tips for Transitioning from Fall to Winter Decor - Omaha Habitat ReStore

It seems everyone has an opinion on when you should or shouldn’t decorate for the holidays, but at Habitat, we support whatever you want to do!

Does your tree go up November 1st? Or do you wait until the week of Christmas? Either way, we have some budget-friendly & creative ideas to help you transition from fall to winter throughout your whole house!

Just the Tree

If you are someone who’s itching to put your tree up as soon as Halloween passes, consider leaving your tree undecorated with white lights. You will still get the Christmas cozy, without going ‘all out’ before Thanksgiving passes. If you’re feeling extra festive, you could even decorate the tree with pumpkins, pinecones & other fall finds!

Choose Multi-Purpose Pieces

When purchasing or creating decor, choose items that can be used in more than one season. Reversible door hangers are a great dual-purpose item that can be left up from September to February! Centerpieces or containers with removable inserts are also a great way to transition from fall to winter, or any other season. Containers like old milk jugs or mason jars are great to use & are items we often also have in our ReStores.

Consider Neutrals

Textured pillows and blankets in neutral tones can create a  seamless transition from fall to winter. Faux-fur blankets and knit pillows create a cozy environment that easily blend both seasons. Just add pops of color that match the season; oranges and browns for fall and the classic reds and greens for Christmas. Again, by keeping the basics neutral this can easily work from September to February.

Invest Wisely

Stores stock shelves so early with all their festive decor, it can be overwhelming! It’s okay to take time to really decide what you want to spend on and purchase items you can use outside of one season, while spending less on the trendy items. You can save on festive artwork by using holiday prints you can easily switch out of frames based on the time of year. We have a few free printables for your fall decor, and love the idea of recycling your wrapping or tissue paper in a frame as well.

Do What Makes You Happy! 

And finally, don’t let the pressure of social media or friends and family make your decisions for you. If you want to go full fall and winter at the same time, skip fall altogether, or keep the tradition of putting the tree up the day after Thanksgiving – just do it! The holidays are for spending time with the ones you love, don’t stress about decor but focus on what truly matters. 🙂

At the ReStore we believe in reusing as many materials as possible, not just for the cost savings, but for the environment too! When updating your home (or holiday decor 🙂 ) it’s great to repurpose what you have, but if you need to replace something the ReStore is a great, first place to look!

From furniture and paint to final touches and decor, the Omaha Habitat ReStore always has items you can use to update any room in your home. 

And if you are remodeling, check out our ReStore Deconstruction Program! We will help you safely remove old household materials to save them from the landfill and raise more funds for our Omaha community!


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