• Three 4×4 tiles
  • Spray paint (You can also use acrylic paint, Sharpies, etc.)
  • Paint brushes
  • Mod Podge
  • Small piece of scrap wood, 4″ long
  • Felt (Ideal for protecting the surface you set it on, but paper can also be used)
  • Spray Adhesive (If you have a favorite crafting adhesive that would work, use it!)


  1. Use spray adhesive to attach your felt or other material to the bottom of the tile. Whatever you use for the bottom of the tile is supposed to protect what is below the napkin holder.
  2. Decorate your tile! We used tape to make a chevron design and then spray painted the tiles. You will also want to paint the scrap piece of wood as it will be visible on the finished product. Let your paint and other decorations dry completely.
  3. Use Mod Podge as a sealant for the paint. Paint a coat on, and let dry completely.
  4. Using spray adhesive, glue the scrap piece of wood onto the middle of your napkin base and let dry.
  5. Using spray adhesive, glue the side tiles to the block of wood.
  6. Use a vice to pinch the tiles against the wooden block. Leave for 24 hours to let the glue bond completely.
  7. Put napkins in your new holder and enjoy the meals that will surround it!

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