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6  ways to Decorate your dorm

Decorating your dorm or apartment may be one of the most difficult projects within your first week of class. 🙂 So, here are some tips for setting up your space!

You want to create a space that is both relaxing and functional. Your room is where you start & end each day & spend many hours in between.  It’s where you need to both pep yourself up for the day ahead & switch off once it’s over every night.

1. PegBoard

A pegboard is the perfect way to combine style & function! Use the board on your desk to organize your class supplies or as a way to hang up photos, clocks, decor, etc. without putting holes in the wall! 🙂

2.  Simple Wall Decor

Decorating your walls does not have to be expensive! Use wooden clipboards or pant hangers to showcase your photos, mottos, inspiration & posters!

3. Storage + Function

In a small space, it is important that every piece of furniture is both functional & practical. This storage tray nightstand and cubby console table are both!

4. Coffee

It is always important to keep coffee in mind when decorating, right!? Here are some simple ways to make your coffee storage cute, functional & out of the way!

5. Make it your own

Make sure your space reflects your style! Spend a weekend creating a DIY project to add to your place! By making it yourself you can pick exactly which colors, texture & style reflects you!

6. Visit the ReStore

Check out your local Omaha Habitat for Humanity ReStores for great deals on what you need for your space! Desks, rugs, sofas, paint, coffee tables are always available at our stores & sold at 50-75% off retail prices!! AND 100% of profits benefit families & build homes in the Omaha community!!

You can also shop & browse new arrivals online at omahahabitatrestore.org/shop!!

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