5 Ways to Repurpose Shutters, Windows and Doors - Omaha Habitat ReStore

Walking through either of our ReStores it’s easy to see that we often have an abundance of windows, doors, and shutters, but just because you may not need them for their intended use, doesn’t mean you should write them off!

Today we’re going to show you five ways to repurpose exterior building supplies, and walk you through the process of creating two of the projects.

Address Plaque: This is a great way to add character to your exterior and make your address more visible from the street. There are a variety of door sizes and colors at both of our stores, and you could always pick up a can of paint to better fit your style.

Here are two examples of finished address signs, as well as some specific supplies we found in our ReStores today for under $10! Just add paint and your custom address plaque is done!

Photo Display: If you love displaying family photos but hate the cost of new frames, an easy & affordable way to show off your photos is by repurposing an old window or shutter! These can be easily added to any wall and is a shabby chic, farmhouse-inspired way to display your memories.

Home Decor: Big box stores sell new items that have been made to look old, but wouldn’t it be better to use something with original character? We love these DIY examples that use reclaimed shutters & window frames for beautiful home decor. You can create items specific for a holiday or keep them simple for every & any season.

Entryway or Bathroom Storage: Adding a couple hooks or little shelves to an old door is great way to add some unique storage if you have a larger space to decorate. If you don’t have a ton to spare room, you can also use a shutter!

After our last idea, see how we created one with ReStore supplies for under $10.

Charcuterie Board or Serving Tray: With the holidays just around the corner, it’s a great time to take stock of your serving dishes. One way to repurpose a shutter or window is to add handles and use it as a table display, charcuterie board or serving tray.

Follow along below to see how we turned a Habitat Restore shutter into a serving tray!

HOW TO  || DIY Shutter Table Tray & Coat/Towel Rack

Materials Needed:

  • Used Shutter
  • Wood Conditioner
  • Paint or Stain (Both Restores have a large selection of paints & stains. You can even find specialty Jolie Furniture Paint in our Market at the ReStore.) 
  • Polyurethane 
  • Paintbrush & Cloth
  • Sanding Block
  • Cleaning Solution (bleach diluted with water) & Rag
  • Hardware (Again, our stores have a large selection of new and gently used cabinet handles, hooks & other hardware.)


Step One: Clean your shutters. Dilute bleach with water & clean all sides of the shutter as well as in between the slats. 

Step Two: Personalize. Whether you want to use stain or paint, read the instructions below to get the best results! 

To Stain:

  • Brush on the wood conditioner. This is an optional step, but we do notice a difference in depth of stain & avoiding blotchiness when wood conditioner is used.
  • After the wood conditioner has dried, lightly sand the surface to get rid of any bumps or bubbles.
  • Spread on your stain of choice. We used a ‘pickling wash’ stain, but you can also dilute any white paint to achieve a similar look. (Click here for more info on whitewash style.)
  • Wipe off any excess stain with a clean old rag or sock.
  • Apply your polyurethane sealer/topcoat.

To Paint:

  • Simply apply the paint color of choice.
  • If you want a more rustic look, use an old paintbrush and lightly brush your shutter. The texture in an old brush will add the character you want.
  • Allow your piece to dry & add coat of polyurethane sealer/topcoat.

Step Three: Add hardware. Whether you are adding hooks or handles for a tray, attach your hardware where desired. TIP: Pre-drill holes for your hardware so they easier to install and do not split your wood. 

You’re done! Check out how we styled the finished pieces in our space!


We hope these projects spark your imagination and inspire you to create something unique with your next ReStore find. 

If you do, please tag us in your photos so we can see what you were inspired to create & display in your home


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