Reclaimed Inventory

Reclaimed Inventory

Through our Deconstruction Program, Omaha’s Habitat ReStore works with a professional contractor to salvage quality old growth lumber, trim and architectural details from otherwise blighted Habitat Omaha properties. When we can save a house and create a safe, livable space for a family in need, we do. Sometimes, though, a property’s potential lies in its valuable resources that can be reused, upcycled and recycled. We believe it’s worth the time and effort it takes to recover a hundred-year-old oak door, beautiful wood flooring and antique registers.

By purchasing reclaimed materials, you’ll help preserve history and bring a unique touch to your project – all while supporting Habitat Omaha’s mission. To view current inventory, schedule an appointment today!


Greg Bahr
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Product Inventory

The type of reclaimed inventory typically available in our warehouse includes old growth lumber, architectural details, wood flooring, and trim/moldings. Depending on current projects, we may have specialty items as well – check our eBay page to see what’s in stock now!