• Four 6” elbow duct pieces
  • E-6000 glue
  • Twine
  • Small eye hook
  • Electric drill
  • Spray paint
  • Spray paint sealer
  • Hardware supplies of your choosing. We used: 11 large nails; 12 small nails; 2 large washers; 2 drawer pulls; 8 conduit fasteners; 2 Allen wrenches; small funnel; 3 suction cups; 3 stair flat shoes


  1. Glue two of the elbow pieces together with E-6000 glue. Repeat with other two elbow pieces. Allow at least an hour to dry.
  2. Glue the two halves together with E-6000. Allow at least an hour to dry.
  3. Using an electric drill, drill a small hole (smaller than the eye hook) in the center of the top of the wreath.
  4. Screw in the small eye hook until snug. If, while you’re in this step, the two pieces of duct work appear to separate, keep screwing the eye hook down, and the two duct pieces will come back together.
  5. Spray paint your hardware. For the wreath, we did one coat of bright orange spray paint, then a coat of orange acrylic paint to achieve the rustic look we wanted. Allow to dry completely.
  6. Spray all contents of wreath with spray paint sealant and allow to dry completely.
  7. Create whole pieces to be put on your wreath. Flowers can be made by gluing nails onto a washer. Then, glue on an Allen wrench for a stem. Finally, glue the entire flower into the funnel for a “flower pot”. We also made trees out of stair flat shoes and suction cups. Allow pieces to dry completely.
  8. Glue whole pieces onto wreath in the fashion you want. We created a caterpillar out of conduit fasteners!
  9. String twine through the eye hook and tie in a square knot at the top.
  10. Hang your hardware summer wreath for everyone to enjoy!

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