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It’s no secret I love DIY’s and when I have a project in mind the first place I turn to is my local Habitat for Humanity Restore.

To be honest I could spend a whole day in there getting lost, and inspired by all the goodies they have to offer. There really is nothing better than knowing that, when I shop there, I’m giving back to my community.

So I thought it would be fun to take you all along with me on a trip to my favorite ReStore.

At the ReStore

The first place I always head to when I get to the ReStore is the art section. If I can’t find a good piece of art, I know I’ll find amazing frames.

Frames can be so versatile and simple, yet make a big statement in your home. I especially love how you can use them for all seasons.

farmhouse candle sticks

The next place I have to check out is their old spindle section. These spindles are great to pick up for a simple DIY project like I did here! We turned spindles into candlesticks! Here’s how we did it...

1) First, we cut the spindle right above a grove at our desired height. 

2) Then we took a 3/4 inch spade bit and carved out a hole about half an inch down where the candle will sit. 

3) Next, I painted them with some white chalk paint to match my home decor. 

&  just like that, you have farmhouse inspired candlesticks for your home!

Office/ extra rooms

There are many ways to tidy up & personalize this space that is a little more private. Be creative!! Browse Pinterest for inspiration & ideas!

You can check out our Pinterest page for new simple DIY projects & home decor inspiration pinned every week!


Isn’t a clean kitchen one of the most refreshing things!?

Make cleaning this room a family activity & have kids help wash dishes, toss out expired food from the refrigerator & help dream up/create something new to add to the space!

Organizing the pantry or creating an accent wall is a fun place to start!


If you’re like me, the bathrooms are the least favorite to clean. So… to make time pass in this space, think of one thing you could add to the room to make it more functional.

Do you want to add shelves to allow for more storage? Is there a piece of artwork or new rug you think could brighten up the space? Use cleaning time as a time to inspire yourself to continually create a happier home.


Bedrooms are another great spot to dream of trying some new DIY projects. We often forget the value of our own bedrooms, so busy making the more public parts of our home presentable. But there is great value in creating a restful, peaceful bedroom where you both start & end your day.

If creating a peaceful space in your bedroom means simplifying, grab boxes so you can toss stuff in one spot to donate while you are cleaning. Cleaning up your bedroom may just provide the head-space you need to get your creative juices flowing.

Living Room

The main living space is one of the most special rooms in the home because it is where we experience the most community. Inviting friends/family/neighbors into this space in your home creates bonds, builds relationships & brings more life into your home.

If you are looking for a change in your living room, check out the ReStore! You can find items perfect for you style & taste, then donate your old furniture to the store as well! We’ll even pick it up for you!

Other Rooms

Extra rooms in your house, like a laundry room, four-seasons room or even your outdoor deck or patio could also use a little freshening up before the full swing of summer.

Don’t forget to spruce up these rooms so you can fully enjoy the summer ahead!

Hopefully, these photos & tips inspire you to create something new & beautiful in your home as well as motivate you to do a little spring cleaning!

Don’t forget to print out our Spring Cleaning Checklist below & check out 10 Helpful Tips to Get Organized if you are interested in learning more about decluttering!

Click HERE for a full, printable Spring Cleaning Checklist!!

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