Clutter. What is clutter?

We hear about it all the time. It seems it has become a buzzword. Clutter in the physical sense can be broken down into things that need to be removed (donated, thrown away, sold, etc.) and things that should be relocated. After decluttering, you will be able to rearrange the remaining items to an organized state.
Is physical clutter bothering you? Most of my clients say home organization is a constant struggle and their clutter causes them stress. In order to reclaim your home space, you must declutter.

Make a List.

Write down every single space in your home you think needs to be organized. If there are not entire rooms, then get specific and write “bathroom closet.” The actual act of composing this list is a stress reliever in itself! By putting your thoughts on paper, you are creating order and you are more likely to hold yourself accountable and take action.

Just Start!

Many of my clients have thought about getting organized a long time before they did something about it. They overanalyze where to start. While you should visualize how you want your space to look in the end, you won’t truly know every detail until you dive in.

Chain Reaction.

Did you ever have a project coming up and you found yourself cleaning your room instead of preparing? If decluttering is one of those things you are avoiding, you may find it motivating to hear organizing leads to more organizing. Perhaps you start by clearing shelves in a cupboard. You can relocate items that were out of place to that newly decluttered spot, thus creating an organizing chain reaction.

What bothers you most?

Is there a room or area in your home that particularly stresses you out? That might be the best place to start. Or you might consider starting with the area in your home in which you spend the most time. I have clients who want to organize multiple rooms in their home and aren’t sure which area to attack first. The kitchen is usually my suggestion. It’s a natural gathering spot, it’s one of the most visible spots in the home and everyone uses it. Maybe the garage or your bedroom closet bothers you the most? Decide what it is and start there.

Being Busy.

Sometimes our busyness is a choice. Prioritize organization and schedule it in your calendar. Decide to make time for it. Do a little bit each day or dedicate certain time slots each week and be proud of all progress made.

Donation Spot.

Pick a designated spot in your home and keep trash bags there. Make this the giveaway spot and make sure each member of the family knows where this spot is. Similarly, if you have kids and plan to sell any of their outgrown clothes, shoes or toys, have a designated spot for those items to be sold. (Click here to see if your items can be donated to Habitat ReStore.)

Focus on Yourself.

If there are other people, living in your home, don’t worry about organizing their stuff. Focus on your stuff first. Once they see the joy that comes from an organized space, they may want to start too!

Start Small.

If you decide to start with your kitchen, you don’t need to finish the whole thing in one day. If you have one hour to spend, start by going through your utensil drawer or spice cabinet. If you have the time and are committed to finishing a project, go for it, but so often we dump out the contents of an entire space, create a huge mess and end up feeling more overwhelmed when we can’t finish the project in a timely manner. It’s okay to take small steps!

Grab a Trash Bag.

Take 20 minutes and go through your house and find items to throw out/recycle. This may include: expired food, magazines, empty boxes, old receipts, junk mail, fast food condiments, plastic dry cleaner bags, expired makeup or hair products, etc.

New Items.

Watch what you buy while you are decluttering. Start being more mindful and stop clutter before it starts. Do you really love what you are buying or are you just buying it because it’s on sale?

Whether you need to take your first step in organizing your home or continue the process, just remember, you can do it! You will find there are many benefits in decluttering your home. You will find more joy, experience less stress and feel peace in your home.

Got Clutter? 10 helpful tips to get organized!

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